Most Championships in College Basketball

By beating Michigan 82-76 in the 2013 NCAA Tournament Final, Louisville became the 8th school to win at least three College Basketball championships since the NCAA tournament began in 1939, joining Kansas, Connecticut, Duke, North Carolina, Indiana, Kentucky and UCLA.

Louisville also pushed the Big East to fifth among the conferences, breaking their tie with the independents by winning the 7th conference title for the conference on its last year before the Catholic 7 become the new Big East while the old one becomes the American Athletic conference.

21 Programs have won the title once – Syracuse, Maryland, Arizona, Arkansas, UNLV, Michigan, Villanova, Georgetown, Marquette, UTEP, Loyola Chicago, Ohio State, California, La Salle, CCNY, Holy Cross, Utah, Wyoming, Stanford, Wisconsin and Oregon.

Six prgrams have won the title twice – Florida, Michigan State, North Carolina State, Cincinnati, San Francisco and Oklahoma State.

Kansas Jayhawks – 3

Kansas 2008 champions

The Jayhawks won their first national title in 1952 under head coach Phog Allen, beating St. John’s 80-63 in the final, with Clyde Lovellette scoring 33 points. He later went on to become a three-time NBA champion with the Lakers and Celtics. In 1988 they won their second national title with Larry Brown as their head coach. They beat Oklahoma 83-79, led by Danny Manning with 31 points. In 2008, with Bill Self at the helm, they beat Memphis 75-68, led by Darrell Arthur with 20 points.

Connecticut Huskies – 3

Connecticut 2011 champions

The Huskies won all their titles under the same head coach, Jim Calhoun, in a 12-year time-span. Their first title came in 1999, beating Duke 77-74 in the final, led by Rip Hamliton who scored 27 points. They won their second title in 2004, beating Georgia Tech 82-73, led by Emeka Okafor with 24 points. In 2011 they added their third title, beating Butler 53-41 in the final, led by 16 points from Kemba Walker.

Louisville Cardinals – 3

Louisville 2013 champions

Louisville won their first two titles under Denny Crum, who coached the school for 30 years, adding their third under Rick Pitino, who won his first title with the second Kentucky program. Their first title came in 1980, beating UCLA 59-54 in the final, led by Darrell Griffith with 23 points, who went on to play for the Utah Jazz for 11 years. In 1986 came the second title, beating Duke 72-69, led by Pervis Ellison with 25 points. The third came under Pitino in 2013, beating Michigan 82-76 in the final, led by Luke Hancock with 22 points.

Duke Blue Devils – 4

Duke 2010 champions

All four national championships by Duke have been won under Mike Krzyzewski, who began coaching them in 1980. Their first title came in 1991, beating Kansas 72-65 in the final, led by Christian Laettner with 18 points. In 1992 they won their second in a row, beating Michigan 71-51, led by Laettner again, scoring 19 points. Their next title came in 2001, beating Arizona 82-72, led by Mike Dunleavy with 21 points. In 2010 came their most recent national championship, beating Butler 61-59, led by Kyle Singler and his 19 points.

Indiana Hoosiers – 5

Indiana 1987 Champions

The Hoosiers won two of their titles under Branch McCracken, coaching the team from 1938 to 1965, and the next three with Bob Knight, who was their head coach from 1971 to 2000. The first title came in 1940, beating Kansas 60-42, led by Marvin Huffman and Jay McReary each scoring 12 points. The second McCracken title came in 1953, as the Hoosiers beat Kansas 69-68, thanks to 30 points from Don Schlundt. In 1976 they won their first title under Knight, beating Michigan 86-68, led by Scott May who scored 26 points. In 1981 came the fourth title, beating North Carolina 63-50, led by 23 points from Isiah Thomas. In 1987 came the fifth and final title, beating Syracuse 74-73 in the final, led by 23 points from Steve Alford.

North Carolina Tar Heels – 5

North Carolina 2009 Champions

Three head coaches won national titles with the Tar Heels – Frank McGuire with one, Dean Smith with two and Roy Williams with two. McGuire’s came in 1957, as UNC beat Kansas 54-53 in the final with 20 points from Lennie Rosenbluth. They had to wait till 1982 to win their next championship, beating Georgetown 63-62 in the final, led by 28 points from James Worthy (and 16 from one Michael Jordan). In 1993 they won their third, beating Michigan 77-71 in the “timeout from hell final”, led by 25 points from Donald Williams. In 2005 Roy Williams was the head coach as they beat Illinois 75-70, led by Sean May with 26 points. In 2009 came the fifth, beating Michigan State 89-72, led by Ty Lawson, scoring 21 points.

Kentucky Wildcats – 8

Kentucky 2012 Champions

Four different head coaches won national titles with Kentucky – four came under Adolph Rupp, while Joe B. Hall, Rick Pitino, Tubby Smith and John Calipari each won one. The first one came in 1948, beating Baylor 58-42 with 14 points from Alex Groza who was also an NBA All-Stat in 1951. They next one came the next year, beating Oklahoma State 46-36 with 25 points from Groza. The third title came in 1951, beating Kansas State 68-58, led by 22 points from Bill Spivey. In 1958 came the fourth championship, beating Seattle 84-72 in the final, getting 30 points from Vernon Hatton. In 1978 came the first title without Rupp, beating Duke 94-88 in the final, getting 41 points from Jack Givens. In 1996 came the sixth title under Pitino, beating Syracuse 76-67, led by 24 points from Tony Delk. Two years later Kentucky were back on top, beating Utah 78-69, led by Scott Padgett with 17 points. They waited till 2012 for their 8th title, beating Kansas 67-59, getting 22 points from Doron Lamb.

UCLA Bruins – 11

UCLA 1995 Champions

Of the 11 national titles, 10 came under John Wooden from 1964-1975, with Jim Harrick winning the 11th one. The first title in 1964 came after beating Duke 98-83, getting 27 points from Gail Goodrich. They won again in 1965 with a 91-80 win over Michigan, getting 42 points from Gail Goodrich. They began a streak of 7 consecutive titles in 1967, beating Dayton 79-64, enjoying 20 points from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The next year they beat North Carolina 78-55 in the final, Kareem leading them with 34 points. In 1969 they beat Purdue 92-72, Kareem leading them with 37 points. In 1970 they beat Jacksonville 80-69, led by Curtis Rowe with 19 points, who made one NBA All-Star appearance later on. In 1971 they beat Villanova 68-62, getting 29 points from Steve Patterson. In 1972 they beat Florida State 81-76 in the final, led by 24 points from Bill Walton. In 1973 they destroyed Memphis 87-66, Walton leading them with 44 points. The streak came to an end, but UCLA won again in 1975, their 10th under Wooden, beating Kentucky 92-85 in the final, getting 28 points from Richard Washington. In 1995 the wait was over, beating Arkansas 89-78 in the final, getting 30 points from Ed O’Bannon.