10 Most Hated NFL Players

    After going through the guys people like to love, it’s time to put the spotlight on the most hated played in the NFL according to Nielsen and E-Poll market research, which tells us that it’s never good to play for the Cowboys (Tony Romo) or one of those schools people love to hate (Notre Dame, USC) if you’re planning on having a disappointing career like Matt Leinart and Brady Quinn.

    Number 10 – Brady Quinn, Kansas City Chiefs

    A quarterback taken in the first round shouldn’t have only 13 starts with a 3-10 record under his belt going into his fifth season in the NFL. Being a former Notre Dame player never helps with your popularity, especially if your professional career has been a big failure so far.

    Number 9 – Mark Sanchez, New York Jets

    There’s the USC thing for one, but Sanchez has been a so-so quarterback on a team that has been hugely underachieving over the last couple of seasons, partly because of his bad play. Playing for the Jets and in New York always draws more fire, especially if you’re competing for the position alongside Tim Tebow.

    Number 8 – Santonio Holmes, New York Jets

    A Super Bowl MVP that had an impressive couple of years for the Steelers, but since signing a $45 million contract with the New York Jets he’s been either injured or getting on people’s nerves with his mouth and his disappointing production on the field.

    Number 7 – Kyle Orton, Dallas Cowboys

    Just a backup quarterback these days, but playing for the Dallas Cowboys never helps you get a lot of fans nationwide. Orton never got too much credit for his successful career start with the Chicago Bears, and his tenure with the Broncos just established the perceptions about his mediocrity (at best).

    Number 6 – Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys

    Being on the Cowobys as their starting quarterback is one thing. Then there’s dating famous women, and then there’s failing with the Cowboys to make the playoffs or being considered a choker during December and fourth quarters. I thought Romo would show up higher on the list.

    Number 5 – Matt Leinart, Oakland Raiders

    Six seasons into his NFL career, Leinart, a former Heisman trophy winner, has only 18 starts to his name, playing on his third team. Acting like some kind of rock star during his USC career never added to his national appeal.

    Number 4 – Randy Moss, San Francisco 49ers

    Randy Moss is actually having a nice, quiet comeback season with the 49ers (12 receptions, 188 yards, 1 TD), but with no Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson around, some wide receiver needs to be the focus of some random hate.

    Number 3 – Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles

    He used to be easily on top of this list, but a successful return from jail into the NFL with the Eagles makes people forget sometimes. His bad 2012 form, which is mostly about turning the ball over and ruining wins for the Eagles, is another reason for his unpopularity.

    Number 2 – Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears

    No professional league likes softness, inconsistency and being quite a big whiner, and Jay Cutler fits that equation. When you play in a hungry for wins city like Chicago, that appreciates toughness probably above anything else, then you get why Cutler is so unpopular.

    Number 1 – Ndamukong Suh, Detroit Lions

    Suh had a roaring start to his NFL career in 2010, but earning a reputation for being one of the dirtiest defensive players in the league added to his off-the-field issues, often getting a lot of publicity, have led to his deteriorating status when it comes to popularity.

    Images: Source Survey: Forbes.com