10 Most Valuable NFL Teams

    Not winning a Super Bowl since the 1995 season or just one playoff game since the 1996 season doesn’t change the fact that Jerry Jones has perfected the money making abilities of the Dallas Cowboys, lately thanks to turning his new Cowboys Stadium into the most coveted sporting venue in America, making the Cowboys the most valuable sport franchise in America, not just the NFL.

    Green Bay Packers, $1.16 Billion

    13-Time NFL champions and four-time Super Bowl champions, the Green Bay Packers turned in a $43 million profit last year, mostly thanks to their fifth-ever stock sale, which raised $67 million, mostly to help finance the renovation going in Lambeau Field, adding over 6000 seats and a rooftop viewing platform for the 2013 season.

    San Francisco 49ers, $1.18 Billion

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    Following their best season in over a decade (13-3, reaching NFC title game), things are looking up for the 49ers, turning in a $30 million profit last year. The 49ers have a new stadium being built at the moment, a 68,500 seater in Santa Clara, which will be owned by the city.

    Chicago Bears

    The Bears play in the NFL’s smallest stadium, Soldier Field, which can hold up to 61,500 fans. It was reopened after a complete rebuild in 2003, the second rebuild in stadium’s history. They turned in a $65 million profit last year.

    Philadelphia Eagles, $1.26 Billion

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    The Eagles made a profit of $48 million last year while going through a disappointing 8-8 season while also enduring some ownership pains with Jeffrey Lurie and wife Christina getting divorced, although that will not result in the sale of the team. The Eagles are planning a $100 million renovation of Lincoln field, adding field-level suites, general seating and a free-standing brewpub.

    New York Jets, $1.28 Billion

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    The Jets enjoyed a $27 million profit last year, an will probably be enjoying the arrival of Tim Tebow, at least financially, having the second best selling jersey in the NFL last season. However, the Jets did have problems selling upper-deck seats, having to cut their prices by over 50%.

    Houston Texans, $1.31 Billion

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    The youngest franchise in the NFL is also one of the league’s most profitable, enjoying a $67 million profit last season thanks to 200 luxury suites and 8,900 club seats that generate $47 million annually and a naming rights deal with Reliant energy, worth 300 million over 30 years.

    New York Giants, $1.47 Billion

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    The Super Bowl champions turned in a $59 million profit last season, aided by the huge deal with MetLife for the stadium, worth $425 million over 25 years, allowing them to keep the ticket prices from rising, unlike most of the NFL.

    Washington Redskins, $1.6 Billion

    Still a highly profitable team despite their lack of on field success, turning in a $109 million profit, the Redskins saw a 7% decrease in attendance last season, putting all their hopes on the young shoulders of Robert Griffin III to bring back this franchise into NFC East contention and hopefully more.

    New England Patriots, $1.64 Billion

    The New England Patriots have sold out every home game in Gillette Stadium since 2002, being the most successful NFL team of the past decade helping fill those seats, with over 60,000 on the waiting list to get a piece of that action.

    Dallas Cowboys, $2.1 Billion

    The opening of Jerry Jones’ Cowboys stadium pushed the Dallas Cowboys into another stratosphere when it comes to making money, although success has been hard to find, winning only one playoff game since 1996. The profits? $227 million last year. They’re the first American sport franchise to be worth more than $2 billion, second in the world behind Manchester United.

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