10 Most Valuable College Football Teams

    Surprise, surprise, the SEC rule this one as well. Not the top school, which belongs to the only Big 12 program on this list (Texas, way beyond the rest), but owning 7 spots along the way. Alabama and LSU as expected, but also Auburn and Arkansas who have seen better days. Michigan represent the Big Ten while Notre Dame are the independent party in College Football’s most valuable programs.

    Arkansas Razorbacks

    A terrible season for Arkansas ended with a 4-8 record and no bowl game. Arkansas are worth $83 million, but lost about 7% in value due to not making a BCS bowl last season, dropping their revenue to $64 million and their football profit to $40 million.

    Tennessee Volunteers

    The Vols’ current value is $84 million, with $55 million in revenue and $35 million in profit. Firing Derek Dooley and buying out his contract is going to create some sort of a hit on their ability to finance other academic programs after a 5-7 season.

    Auburn Tigers

    Two seasons after the national championship, Gene Chizik was fired following a 3-9 season. With a current value of $85 million, Auburn saw a drop of 4% in their worth after losing about $18 million in bowl payout compared to the previous year. They generated $77 million in revenue and a $44 million profit.

    Florida Gators

    In Will Muschamp’s second season, the Gators improved from 7-6 and playing in the Gator Bowl to a 11-1 record and a spot in a BCS Bowl, facing Louisville in the Sugar Bowl. The program is worth $93 million, improving on its value by 9%. They generated a revenue of $74 million and a profit of $51 million.

    Alabama Crimson Tide

    Another one loss season for the Tide under Nick Saban, playing in their third BCS title game over the last four years. Their current value of $95 million is a 3% improvement from last year, generating $82 million in revenue and a $45 million profit.

    Georgia Bulldogs

    Reached the SEC championship game for the second consecutive season, losing again, finding themselves out of a BCS Bowl. Georgia are worth $99 million, 10% more than last year, generating $75 million in revenue and a profit of $52 million.

    LSU Tigers

    Missed out on a BCS Bowl with a two loss season, way too much for glory in the tough SEC, having to settle for the Chick-fil-a-Bowl, which will hurt their earnings next year. They’re valued at $102 million, the SEC’s most valuable program, generating $69 million in revenue and $45 million in profit over the last 12 months.

    Notre Dame Fighting Irish

    The 2012 season marks the return of Notre Dame to the prime-time. Under the AP coach of the year, Brian Kelly, the Irish finished the season 12-0, taking them to the BCS national championship game. They’re valued at $103 million, which is a drop of 8% compared to last year, hurt by playing one less home game compared to last year. They generated$69 million in revenue and a profit of $43 million.

    Michigan Wolvernies

    The recent struggles haven’t hurt Michigan when it comes to finances, seeing a boost of 28% in their one year value, up to $120 million. That can be attributed to playing an eighth home game last season and the expansion of their home stadium. The revenue was $85 million with a profit of $62 million.

    Texas Longhorns

    The Longhorns haven’t been to a BCS bowl game since the BCS National championship of the 2009 season, but that doesn’t stop them from being way ahead of the pack, partially thanks to the Longhorn network. Texas are valued at $133 million, generating a revenue of $104 million and a profit of $78 million.