Jose Mourinho – Genius, Clever, But Wrong

He’s a genius. He’s got guts. He does what it takes, what is necessary, to win. Is it good for Real Madrid? Excellent. Real have captured the first spot in their Champions League group, no matter what the result is next week against Auxerre. So Mourinho, via other people, ordered Xabi Alonso and Sergio Ramos, who were already booked earlier in the match, to get themselves sent off.

Why? To erase their yellow card count and be ready with a clean slate for the knockout stages, missing next week’s match against Auxerre.

Real didn’t do anything illegal. The players wasted time, deliberately, and got the bookings they deserved, sending them off. The ref did the right thing. However, the way it was done, the bluntness, the total disrespect for the game, was way off line. Mourinho showed he is clever, but that might come right back to bite him. UEFA have already launched a probe into the matter, and if they come to decide that Ramos and Alonso got themselves sent off deliberately, the punishment will be for more than one game.

Mourinho is a football genius – Tactically and physiology, but his arrogance does get the best of him at times, and an arrogant and obvious disregard and disrespect for the game as shown by him last night in Amsterdam isn’t something fans, unless you’re a Real Madrid fan, want to see. I don’t think Platini and his chaps in the UEFA ivory tower liked what they saw against Ajax, and I think that tonight or tomorrow Mourinho’s “genius” move won’t seem so brilliant as it did to him and many others not too long ago.

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