Nate Robinson Dunk the Only Good Thing About the Chicago Bulls

After a season of playing sorta anti-basketball offensively, it looks like the Chicago Bulls have run out of hustle and effort to keep their heads above water, resulting in another home loss to a Western Conference team, while the only good think to take from the game was a sensational dunk from Nate Robinson, who impresses every time he decides to show that incredible leap and dunking ability he has.

Frustration dunks aren’t always pretty, usually more about power than finesse. Still, when a 5’9 man goes up into the air and performs it, it’s always something worth seeing, helping the Bulls fight back from a huge deficit, which didn’t help eventually, still losing 99-89 to the Portland Trail Blazers, as their hopes of getting home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs fades away¬†continuously.

Robinson was back on the bench for the game, finishing with 8 points and 9 assists, proving that him starting wasn’t the only reason the Bulls have been so awful lately – it’s the entire team, and the whole concept of playing without any kind of shape or form on offense, while hoping the defense carries them through each and every time.