Nate Robinson Manages to Block LeBron James

Earlier in his career, LeBron James used to specialize in coming from behind to block smaller player on their way to an easy layup. Once in a while, it comes back to bite him, as Nate Robinson, the shortest player in the NBA, managed to set the United Center on fire by reaching from behind and blocking the best player in the league.

In the end, it didn’t really matter. After another tough, close and physical game, the Miami Heat won 104-94, taking a 2-1 lead. LeBron James led the scorers with 25 points, while Nate Robinson had a strong performance of his own with 17 points.

Maybe if it would have ended in a win, he would have a little more to be proud of. It’s not every day that someone 5’9 gets to actually reject, not strip the ball or steal, one of the most unstoppable players in the league. It’s something for Robinson to happily remember in a few years, but not right away, not with the Bulls losing the series.

Nate Robinson,LeBron James