Navy Baseball Players Sing ‘Love is an Open Door’ From ‘Frozen’

You don’t need to be talented these days to create a viral sensation. All you need is a cool idea, and lip syncing perfectly to songs while driving falls into that category. Two Navy baseball players decided to give it a go on ‘Love is an open door’ from the Disney film ‘Frozen,’ and it came out perfectly.

Frozen, for those of you who don’t know, was the mega hit Disney released a few months ago and is considered to be something of a return to their golden age or the 1990’s. A fairytale, without Pixar humor inside of it, with plenty of catchy songs that months later are still stuck in your head.

So these guys didn’t do dance-song routine like the Harvard players a few years back from ‘Call me Maybe’ but they pulled off a lip syncing duet that Katy Perry and Ashley Simpson would be proud of. The fact that their song is less annoying than those we mentioned in the previous sentence helps as well.

Personally, my favorite song has to do with a snowman and knocking on doors, but maybe because of its depressing ending, it’s good that they spent their time working on the flirting which leads to marriage by Hans & Anna.