NBA All-Star Weekend Needs a 1 on 1 Contest

After another rather dull Saturday, the ideas to fix the Sandwiched night of the All-Star weekend are coming from every direction. Instead of tweaking the current events, give the public what they want to see: A 1 on 1 contest, maybe even at the expense of the dunk competition or something else.

LeBron James won’t want to face Kevin Durant or Kobe Bryant, not at first thought. Derrick Rose will not be willing to go against Russell Westbrook for an explosive game of up to 12. So the NBA needs to throw in a few incentives, like money. No, not money for the players, but giving one of the NBA’s stars a chance to donate to their favorite charity organization a sum of $1 million, maybe even more, might be a good enough incentive.

Dunk Contest is a popularity contest, with the crowd voting the winner. Even when it was only based on “judges” decisions, it was always about impressing someone to give you the score. It was exciting as long as the ideas were good, but the scoring was never objective, and more than once based on the home crowd’s reaction. A one on one weekend, maybe a 2 on 2 if you’d like and proves a better draw for the biggest names in the game, will not only makes up for the mistakes of the past and the dullness of some of the event, but might even eclipse the popularity of the main event itself. If you bring out ex-NBA stars to participate, you’ve hit the jackpot.

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