Jerseys of the 2015 NBA Christmas Games

The special day in the NBA during the regular season is Christmas, with some marquee matchups between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago Bulls and Oklahoma City Thunder and San Antonio Spurs against the Houston Rockets. It also includes the biggest stars in the league like Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and LeBron James, and also special Christmas jerseys.

You can check out the entire NBA collection for Christmas on Amazon with some really fantastic deals on some items or browse through some awesome ugly NBA Christmas sweaters, but the best part are the special jerseys of the stars of each team for these specific games.

New Orleans Pelicans Anthony Davis Christmas Jersey

Anthony Davis New Orleans Pelicans Christmas Jersey


The Pelicans are having an awful season, but they do have one of the best players in the NBA, Anthony Davis, and if there’s anyone worth getting a jersey off from this team, it’s him. They cost $109.95.

Miami Heat Dwyane Wade Christmas Jersey

Dwyane Wade Miami Heat Christmas Jersey

Dwyane Wade probably can’t even remember how many Christmas day games he’s been on, but there aren’t too many left. He’s on a team with a chance to do something once again, and it’ll probably be quite a spectacle seeing him and the Heat taking on Anthony Davis and the Pelicans. Wade’s jersey costs $75.

Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose Christmas Jersey

Derrick Rose Chicago Bulls Christmas Jersey

The Bulls are having a good season. Derrick Rose? Not so much, but maybe now that the mask if off things will start looking clearer and better for him. HIs jersey for Xmas costs $109.95.

Oklahoma City Thunder Kevin Durant Christmas Jersey

Kevin Durant Oklahoma City Thunder Christmas Jersey

The NBA is happy, and the Thunder are ecstatic, with Kevin Durant being back on the court again, healthy and scoring like nothing has changed. He’s going to be one of the highlight makers to follow on Christmas. His jersey costs $109.95.

Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James Christmas Jersey

LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers Christmas Jersey

Surprisingly, with Stephen Curry in this world, this won’t be the best selling jersey on Christmas, just the second best. Not that LeBron James has any problem in terms of exposure and familiarity among NBA fans and the general public. His jersey costs $109.95, and it’s the same price for the Kyrie Irving jersey.

Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry Christmas Jersey

Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors Christmas Jersey

The most popular jersey on the NBA store belongs to Stephen Curry, and his Christmas edition shouldn’t be any different. Surprisingly, it’s cheaper than the rest at most sizes, costing $85 for medium and $74.99 for large.

San Antonio Spurs Tony Parker Christmas Jersey

Tony Parker San Antonio Spurs Christmas Jersey

The Spurs are consistently one of the best teams in the NBA, but even though they’ve won more championships than anyone over the last 12 years, their popularity never competes with that of teams from bigger markets. This jersey costs only $59.

Los Angeles Clippers Blake Griffin Christmas Jersey

Blake Griffin Los Angeles Clippers Christmas Jersey

The Los Angeles Clippers haven’t had the kind of start they were hoping for this season, but at least they get a nice little Christmas present of playing against the worst team in the Western conference. The Blake Griffin jersey is available for $49.99 (small size), $104.90 (medium), $59 (large), $69 (xx-large) and $59 (XLarge).