A Dirty Kind of NBA Night

First it was Dwyane Wade trying to make sure Ramon Sessions doesn’t get to have any kids. It was followed by Dwight Howard stopping Kenneth Faried from scoring on him by planting two hands in his face. It ended with J.R. Smith using a slight shoulder nudge on Goran Dragic to make sure he ends up on the floor.

The least dangerous of all the plays was Wade. It might have been a cheap shot no one expected, more shockingly becoming a foul that was called on Sessions himself, but there was no real danger to the Bobcats’ point guard. Sessions fouled Wade a second earlier which aggravated the two time NBA champion, who has kind of a dirty streak going on, although it doesn’t always gets to be picked up by the officials.

Dwight Howard not trying to block Faried is a bit more dangerous on the richter scale. Faried came charging towards the basket, a bit too strong and fast for Howard to set himself up for the rejection. There’s one thing to protect yourself by avoiding the contact and maybe slightly pushing away the offensive player, but Howard simply raised his hands and shoved Faried in the face.

The most dangerous of the trio was Smith’s flagrant foul on Dragic. Dragic was going for the easy two, uncontested. Smith, instead of trying to block the Slovenian or simply avoiding any contact at all, waited for Dragic to be in the air and then clipped him from behind with a slight nudge with his shoulder. That took Dragic out of the game for good, and who knows for how long, although it doesn’t look like too serious of an injury. It could have been, but luckily it wasn’t.

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