NBA Flopping – LeBron James, David West & Lance Stephenson Fined

After the NBA has been criticized for stopping their flopping-fine policy in the NBA playoffs, the league reminded everyone big brother is still watching, by delivering three $5000 fines for flops in the same game, game 4 between the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers, handing them out to LeBron James, David West and Lance Stephenson.

James and West actually got fined for something they did together. The two tangled in the paint during a late Pacers possession. James put his hands on West and flew to the floor, acting like he got hit. West made a spin towards the basket and reacted to James touching him by throwing his hands in the air, acting like he got hit. Both players need to act a little better, apparently.

Lance Stephenson got his fine on his own for a possession much earlier in the game. After hitting a big shot he got a little bit too close to Ray Allen, who tried to react with an elbow to shake Stephenson off of him. Allen wasn’t accurate with his elbow as he wasn’t accurate with his shots, but that didn’t stop Stephenson from trying to sell a shot to his face by moving backwards, acting like he got hit in the face.