NBA Logos Turned Into Soccer Crests

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If NBA fans wished sometimes they’d have a little bit of soccer in their favorite sport, then the wonderful work Milan Vučković is perfect for them, redesigning the logos of all 30 NBA teams to make them look like crests of European soccer clubs.

The Serbian artist kept the original colors of each logo and some of the design ideas, only gave it a translation that looks familiar to soccer (or Football, depends which country you’re from) fans.

The influence of most of his logos is clearly from Italian football – the Serie A: The Hawks look like Genoa, the Cavs remind us of Inter, the Nets are clearly similar to Juventus and many others resemble team crests from the Serie A.

However, there’s also some German innuendos (Boston Celtics) and some of the Premier League, but we’ve also got some MLS influences as well.

While Vuckovic’s work is an awesome blend of imagination and fun, there are those in Europe trying to blend some of the aspects from the American leagues (NFL, NBA) into European football in order to create equality. How? Cap salaries and hard cap limitations. While there are the Financial fair play regulations going into affect, it seems that it’s simply about keeping the big clubs stronger and the little ones limited in their ability to grow and compete.

Via: Milan Vučković on Behance