6 Best Memes of Fergie Ruining the National Anthem at the NBA All-Star Game

Fergie Colin Kaepernick

What does it say about the NBA All-Star game when the most memed moment of the event is Fergie butchering the national anthem?

It wasn’t a bad game. Yes, no defense for about 45 minutes, and teams shooting a horrendous amount of 3-pointers. But it was close, with a bit of drama in the end, and it was interesting to see LeBron James teaming up with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook among others to take down Stephen Curry.

And still, above the dunk contest, 3-point shootout, skills challenge, celebrity game, World vs USA and the main event itself, was Fergie, who didn’t learn from mistakes of the past: Don’t try to do something too different with the anthem. Unless you’re Marvin Gaye, and she’s not, it’s almost impossible to pull it off.

People will forget. Someone will butcher the national anthem in another sports event soon enough. Fergie will move on. Now, it’s time to for the revamped All-Star game to take it up a notch, and televise the selection process. Kevin Durant even suggested the teams be picked just before the game, to make it more street. Why not?

Klay bleeding from his ears Draymond be like The most annoying sound in the world Fergie Sucked Bruh Fergie