Perfect Memes Making Fun of Kevin Durant & His Twitter Mistake

Kevin Durant Twitter Meme

One thing that’s clear about Kevin Durant from his years in the league overlapping the rise in dominance of social media: He really cares what people say and write about him. So it’s not surprising to find out that the Golden State Warriors star has fake Twitter accounts so he can fight the good fight of making himself look good on the Internet.

Durant, it seems, wanted to respond to someone asking a question on Twitter (to his official account) through one of his alternate accounts, as if he’s a neutral basketball fan. But he, or someone who handles his social media accounts, made a mistake, and forgot to switch. So it’s either Durant talks about himself in the third person, or that he really f***ed this one up, which is probably the right answer.

Durant Twitter Durant Twitter 2

Durant later deleted the tweets, and hasn’t made any remarks about him, while this blew up on Reddit and then the rest of the Internet, with people mostly calling out Durant for using fake Twitter accounts to make himself look better. In the end, it doesn’t really matter – Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder and won himself a championship, which is all that should matter. But for people who care about perception and other semantics, as Durant clearly does, this is an embarrassment of epic proportions, no matter what spin he tries to put on it at some point. 

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