14 Best Memes of the Golden State Warriors Choking Against the Houston Rockets

Warriors Golden Girls

We have a series again in the Western Conference Finals. The Houston Rockets responded to their blowout loss with a fantastic defensive performance against the Golden State Warriors, resulting in terrific memes making fun of Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

The game included plenty of meme-worthy moments for those who love to see the Warriors fail – Green getting dunked on by James Harden, Green missing a dunk and Thompson shooting an air-ball on his team’s most important possession.

Now the Rockets have their home court advantage again, although apparently it doesn’t matter. The win did shatter the Warriors’ confidence in home playoff games, losing for the first time at the Oracle Arena in the postseason since Durant joined the team.

Playoffs are about adjustments made by coaches and players, but for the days between the games, it’s all about making fun of the most recent losers for the fans. It’s never more fun than when the Warriors are the bunch getting roasted.

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