Four Sport Cities Part I

    There are 13 Cities or Metropolitan areas in the United States that have at least one team in each of the Major Sport leagues – the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL. We’re here to run you down through the lot, beginning with Atlanta and finishing with Detroit, for today.

    Atlanta, Georgia

    NFL – Falcons

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    Quarterbacked by Matt Ryan these days, the Atlanta Falcons have been in ATL since 1966. They play in the Georgia Dome. They have been in the playoffs 10 times, winning four division titles, including in 2010 and have been to the Super Bowl once, Super Bowl XXXIII, losing to the Denver Broncos.

    MLB – Braves

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    Established in 1871 as the Red Stocking and playing most of the time in Boston and a bit of Milwaukee, the Braves have been in Atlanta since 1966. They have three World Series titles, the last of them in 1995 (and the only one won in Atlanta) and have won the NL Pennant 17 times, last time in 1999.

    NBA – Hawks

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    Established in 1946 and joined the NBA in 1949, the Hawks, named the Buffalo Bisons during their first incarnation, have been in Atlanta since 1966. The only NBA title came during the St. Louis days (1958). They have won their division only three times, last of which in 1994.

    NHL – Thrashers

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    The youngest Atlanta franchise, established in 1999. The Thrashers, plagued with financial problems these days, have made the NHL playoffs only once, in 2007.

    Boston, Massachusetts

    NFL – Patriots

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    Around since 1959, the New England Patriots play their football at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, a town to the South of Boston. During the 1960’s they were known as the Boston Patriots. They have won three Super Bowls and have been to the big game three more times.

    MLB – Red Sox

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    Around since 1901, known as the Boston Americans till 1908, the Red Sox have been playing in Fenway park since 1912. They have won 7 world series titles, 5 between 1903 and 1918 and had a long long wait until 2004 and 2007 to add another two.

    NBA – Celtics

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    Still, despite the Lakers’ effort of closing the gap, the most titled NBA franchise with 17, the Boston Celtics have been around since 1946 and have won their last NBA title in 2008 after a 22 year break.

    NHL – Bruins

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    Around since 1924 and part of the original six, the Bruins have won 5 Stanley Cups (most recently in 1972) and haven’t been to the Finals since 1990.

    Chicago, Illinois

    NFL – Bears

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    Established in 1919, the Chicago Bears have won the NFL championship eight times, winning one Super Bowl in 1985. Their last visit to the Super Bowl was in 2007, losing to the Colts.

    MLB – Cubs, White Sox

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    The Chicago Cubs have been around since 1870, known as the White Stocking intially. They’ve been playing in Wrigley Field since 1916 and haven’t won a World Series since 1908. They haven’t been to the World Series since 1945. The White Sox, established in 1894 and playing in Chicago since 1900 (started in Sioux City) won the World Series in 2005, breaking an 88 year drought.

    NBA – Bulls

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    Around since 1966, the Chicago Bulls have six NBA titles, all during the 1990’s with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. They have already secured winning the division title this season for the first time since 1998, Chicago’s last championship.

    NHL – Blackhawks

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    Part of the original six, founded in 1926, the Blackhawks have won four Stanley Cups including last season, their first since 1961.

    Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas

    NFL – Cowyboys

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    Established in 1960 and playing in Cowboys Stadium, Arlington (inside the Dallas – Ft. Worth metro area), the Dallas Cowboys have won five Super Bowls, last of which in 1995. They haven’t visited the big game since.

    MLB – Rangers

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    The Texas Rangers have been around since 1961, starting out as the Washington Senators. They have been playing in Arlington since 1972. In 2010 they won the AL pennant for the first time, losing to the Giants in the World Series.

    NBA – Mavericks

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    Around since 1980, the Mavericks have yet to win an NBA title. They made the finals once, losing to the Miami Heat.

    NHL – Stars

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    They were the Minnesota North Stars for 26 years, becoming the Dallas Stars in 1993. They have won the Stanley Cup once, in 1999. They missed out on a repeat a year later, losing to the Devils.

    Denver, Colorado

    NFL – Broncos

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    Around since 1960 (beginning as an AFL team), the Denver Broncos won back to back Super Bowls in 1997 and 1998. They haven’t been to the big game since, and haven’t been to the playoffs since 2005.

    MLB – Rockies

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    Playing in Denver since 1993, the Colorado Rockies have made the playoffs three times. They reached the World Series in 2007, losing to the Boston Red Sox.

    NBA – Nuggets

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    Founded in 1967 and in the NBA since 1976, the Denver Nuggets have yet to win a title or visit the NBA finals since joining the league. They’ve made the conference finals twice, losing to the Lakers on both occasions.

    NHL – Avalanche

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    Established in 1972 as the Quebec Nordiques, the franchise moved to Denver to become the Colorado Avalanche in 1995. As the Avalanche, they have won two Stanley Cups – 1996 and 2001.

    Detroit, Michigan

    NFL – Lions

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    Around since 1929, the Detroit Lions have won four NFL championships, all in the pre – Super Bowl days. Their last title came in 1957. They have never made it to the Super Bowl.

    MLB – Tigers

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    Established in 1894, the Detroit Tigers have won four World Series Titles, most recently in 1984. They reached the World Series for the first time since that win in 2006 but lost to the St. Louis Cardinals.

    NBA – Pistons

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    Founded in 1941 as the Fort Wayne Pistons, they became the Detroit Pistons in 1957. The franchise has won three NBA titles (1989, 1990, 2004) and made the finals again in 2005, losing to the Spurs. They also made the finals in 1988, losing to the Lakers.

    NHL – Red Wings

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    The most succesful of the Detroit franchises, the Red Wings began as the Cougars in 1926. They have won 11 Stanley cups, most recently in 2008. Their haul is the most among USA based teams and third in NHL history behind the Habs and the Maple Leafs.

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