Four Sport Cities Part II

    Part 2 of our guide to the United States’ four sport cities we began with yesterday, this time going through Miami to Washington.

    Miami, Florida

    NFL – Dolphins

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    Playing at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, the Dolphins have been in Miami since 1966. They’ve made it to five Super Bowl games, the last of them in 1984, and won two, back to back (1972-1973 including the perfect 1972 season).

    MLB – Marlins

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    Founded in 1993, the Marlins have made the playoffs two times as a wild card team, in 1997 and 2003. On both occasions they made it to the World Series and won.

    NBA – Heat

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    Since being founded in 1988, the Miami Heat have won 7 division titles, starting in 1997, and have won one NBA title, in 2006, led to glory by Dwyane Wade and Shaquille O’Neal. Wade is still there, joined by LeBron James in an attempt to get his first title.

    NHL – Panthers

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    Also founded in 1993, like the Marlins, but a lot less successful. The Florida Panthers have made it to the post season only three times, including one Stanley Cup appearance in 1996, getting swept by the Avalanche.

    Minneapolis – St. Paul, Minnesota

    NFL – Vikings

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    Founded in 1961, the Vikings have made 26 playoff appearances. They have won one NFL championship but never in the Super Bowl, losing in the big game four times, including three consecutive losses in the mid 70’s.

    MLB – Twins

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    Established in 1894, the Minnesota Twins were the Washington Senators/Nationals for nearly 60 years before moving to the Twin Cities in 1961. They have won two World Series titles since the move, adding to the one won in 1924. They haven’t won the AL pennant since 1991.

    NBA – Timberwolves

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    Founded in 1989, the Timberwolves had one successful stretch, during Kevin Garnett’s time, peaking in the 2003-2004 season, making it to the Western Conference Finals while Garnett won the MVP. They haven’t made the playoffs since.

    NHL – Wild

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    Joined the NHL in 2000 and the only team to play in St. Paul, replacing the North Stars who left a few years earlier to Dallas. The Wild have made it to the playoffs three times, most recently in 2008.

    New York City, New York

    When we mean New York, New Jersey’s in as well. Both of the NFL teams called NY play in New Jersey anyway.

    NFL – Jets, Giants

    The New York Jets Have been around since 1960, beginning their way in the AFL. They made it to only one Super Bowl, winning it, with the famous Joe Namath guarantee. The New York Giants have a much more successful history, around since 1925. They won 4 NFL championships and 3 Super Bowls, the last of them against the Patriots.
    MLB – Yankees, Mets

    One, established in 1962, plays in Queens and has two modest World Series titles and four NL Pennants. The other is the most successful team in MLB history, established in 1901 as the Baltimore Orioles, something that lasted just over a year. They have won 27 World Series and 40 AL pennants.

    NBA – Knicks, Nets

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    The New York Knicks were founded in 1946 and their fans are still waiting for their third NBA title since 1973. Their last finals appearance was in 1999. The New Jersey Nets, founded in 1967 and part of the ABA until 1976 have a modest two NBA finals appearances with Jason Kidd leading the way in the early 00’s, losing to the Spurs and Lakers.

    NHL – Rangers, Islanders, Devils

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    The Devils play their hockey in Newark and had two previous incarnations as the Kansas City Scouts and the Colorado Rockies before their New Jersey time began in 1982. Since then they’ve won 3 Stanley Cups in four finals appearances, last time in 2003.

    The Islanders, founded in 1972, play in Uniondale, a New York suburb. They’ve won four Stanley Cups, all consecutively, from 1980-1983. In 1984 they made another losing visit to the finals but have hardly seen post season time.

    The Rangers were found in 1926. They won their fourth Stanley Cup in 1994 after a 54 year wait. They’re on a 17 year wait now.

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    NFL – Eagles

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    Established in 1933, the Philadelphia Eagles have three NFL championships but two losses on their two Super Bowl trips, the last one of them against the Patriots.

    MLB – Phillies

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    Founded in 1883, the Phillies had a Quakers period until 1889. They’ve won two World Series titles, 1980 and 2008. They made their seventh World Series appearance in 2009, losing to the New York Yankees.

    NBA – 76ers

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    A team that began as the Syracuse Nationals became the Philadelphia 76ers in 1963. The Sixers won two NBA titles, one with Wilt Chamberlain in 1967 and the last, the third (one won as the Nationals), in 1983, with Moses Malone and Dr. J.

    NHL – Flyers

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    Founded in 1967, the Philadelphia Flyers won back to back Stanley Cups in 1974 and 1975 during the Broad Street Bullies phase. They’ve made it to seven more NHL finals since then, including the losing effort against the Blackhawks last year.

    Phoenix, Arizona

    NFL – Cardinals

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    Founded in 1898, the Cardinals arrived in Phoenix in 1988 and became the Arizona Cardinals in 1994. They’ve made it to one Super Bowl, losing to the Steelers just over two years ago.

    MLB – Diamondbacks

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    Around since 1998, the Diamondbacks won the World Series only three years later, their only trip to the MLB finals.

    NBA – Suns

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    Around since 1968, the Phoenix Suns have made it to two NBA Finals, two of the greatest series’ ever – 1976 against the Boston Celtics and the 1993 classic against the Chicago Bulls.

    NHL – Coyotes

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    The franchise started as the Winnipeg Jets from 1979-1996. Since becoming the Coyotes they’ve made five post season appearances, the last of them in 2002.

    San Francisco Bay Area, California

    NFL – 49ers, Raiders

    The San Francisco 49ers have been around since 1946 dominating the NFL and NFC during the 80’s and early 90’s, winning five Super Bowls, the last of them in 1995. They haven’t been to the Super Bowl since. They haven’t been to the playoffs in nearly a decade.
    The Oakland Raiders began in Oakland (1960-1981), moved to LA and returned to Oakland in 1995. They’ve won three Super Bowl games, the last of them in 1984. They also haven’t been to the playoffs in nearly a decade now.

    MLB – Giants, Athletics

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    The Giants began as the New York Gothams, becoming the New York Giants for 72 years until the move to California in 1957. They’ve won six World Series titles – the first since the move last year.

    The A’s began as the Philadelphia Athletics in 1901, moved to Kansas City in 1954 and arrived at the Bay area in 1967. The franchise has won nine World Series titles – The last time in 1989.

    NBA – Warriors

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    Another team that started in Philadelphia (1942) and arrived at San Francisco in 1962, becoming Golden State in 1971. The franchise has two NBA titles, one as Philly (1956) and one as Golden State (1975).

    NHL – Sharks

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    Founded in 1991, the Sharks have made the playoffs almost every season but have never advanced further than the conference finals.

    Washington DC

    NFL – Redskins

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    Around since 1932 and began as the Boston Braves. They became the Redskins in 1933 and moved to DC in 1937. They’ve won three Super Bowls in the span of ten years, last time being 1992. They haven’t been to the Super Bowl since and have made the playoffs only twice in the last 12 seasons.

    MLB – Nationals

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    One of two current MLB franchises that have never been to the World Series. They were the Montreal Expos from 1969-2004, becoming the Nationals in 2005. The only post season appearance was in 1981.

    NBA – Wizards

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    A franchise founded in 1962 as the Chicago Zephyrs, later on moving to Baltimore and then to Washington, becoming the Bullets until 1995. They won one NBA title in 1978, one of their four trips to the NBA finals.

    NHL – Capitals

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    Around since 1974, the Capitals have been to the NHL finals only once (1998) and are hoping the with Ovechkin, arguably the best player in the league today, they’ll be more than just perennial playoff participants.