NBA Playoffs – Game of Thrones Interpretation

Two things people can’t stop talking about? Game of Thrones, with a popularity that’s rising faster than the cold winds, and the NBA playoffs, reaching its Final Four stage of the season. Bleacher Report decided to combine the two in a perfectly done animated short, which is already scorching the internet.

So what do we have? Kevin Love telling Stephen Curry a scary story about being stuck on a terrible team and getting to play for ping pong balls, nothing more. The Miami Heat compared to the Lannisters, with Pat Riley as the head of the family calming LeBron James about the threats in the East by assuring him that their own dragon, Chris Bosh (Drogon?) is their secret weapon.

We have a potential spin-off show in the making with Carlos Boozer and Derrick Rose walking around the woods a-la Bran and Hodor, and someone gave Walder Frey a mention and made more fun of the Los Angeles Lakers trying to ship off some of their lesser players.

The finish is brilliant, although not that realistic: Russell Westbrook is shaking in fear because of the San Antonio Spurs, who are old guys who won’t retire and keep coming at them, appearing as the White Walkers. The Championship is coming.