NBA Playoffs – Stephen Curry Better at 3-Pointers Than Dwight Howard is at Free Throws

Stephen Curry, Dwight Howard

One of the finest examples of how great Stephen Curry is at shooting 3-pointers and how bad Dwight Howard is at making free throws is the fact that the Golden State Warriors point guard and NBA MVP is hitting his speciality at a higher percentage than the Houston Rockets center is when shooting from the line.

Howard, never the most accurate player from the line but especially abysmal and struggling in recent years, is making only 40% of his free throws in the 2015 playoffs, averaging 9.7 attempts per game, with a lot of them coming as teams intentionally send him to the free throw line.

Curry is making 44.8% of his 3-point attempts in this postseason. Maybe another incredible number is the time he shoots. Being such a successful shot for him, regardless of the coverage he has, whether he’s free or open, contested or not, there’s no limit on the number of shots he takes. Curry is attempting 11 (!!!) 3-pointers per game.

This isn’t it with Curry’s numbers. Making 64 3-pointers so far in 13 postseason games, Curry has set a new record for most 3-pointers in a single postseason, breaking Reggie Miller’s record. He has made an incredible 91% of his 3-pointers when taking shots from the left corner. He has hit five or more three-pointers in five consecutive playoffs games, something he’s the only one who can boast to in NBA history.

That, in less than 250 words, is one of the many reasons the Golden State Warriors are cruising to the NBA finals, leaving nothing but dust and damaged egos of Rockets players in their path.

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