NBA Players as Pokemon Cards

Being a young NBA fan, I loved collecting player cards. Upper Deck or other companies, it didn’t really matter. Hoping to get some shiny one inside, like some special Michael Jordan issue or a Shaquille O’Neal rookie card cost my parents quite a lot of money during the early 1990’s.

Pokemon cards, and Pokemon in general was never my thing. But it worked, and still does, for quite a few people. The Tumblr blog PocketBallers combined the NBA and the whole Pokemon card thing, with the abilities and battle-ready numbers, and created something quite fun and addictive.

So far, this project is spanning 114 cards, with some players getting more than one card. David Stern, a Darkness type, is also on there, and even someone like Jesus Shuttleworth, who’s actually Denzel Washington in the Spike Lee movie, got himself in the prestigious list.

Via: PocketBallers