Briante Weber Ejected for Friendly Trash-Talk With DeAndre Jordan

Briante Weber Ejected

There’s no such thing as a friendly moment of trash talking in the NBA according to the officials, as Briante Weber of the Los Angeles Lakers learned in the preseason game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

During the final quarter, Weber and DeAndre Jordan were trading some words while Jordan was already on the bench. Mostly laughing. Both players were smiling. But the officials were having none of it.

Weber got ejected, while players from both teams tried to stop the refs from actually throwing Weber out of the game. It didn’t help.

The Lakers ended up winning 111-104. Weber played 7 minutes off the bench, scoring 4 points. Undrafted out of VCU, he’s signed on a partially guaranteed deal with the Lakers after spending the last two seasons playing for four different teams.

Jordan didn’t play at all in the Clippers final preseason game. The 2-time All-Defensive selection is starting his 10th season in the NBA, all with the Clippers. This is his final guaranteed year before a player option on the 2018-2019 season.

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