NBA Rumors – Milwaukee Bucks & Phoenix Suns Close to Trading For Caron Butler

Even though Caron Butler hasn’t gotten to playing a single game for the Phoenix Suns since getting traded there, but it seems he won’t have to either, with the team discussing a trade that involves sending him to the Milwaukee Bucks in return for (probably) Ish Smith and Slava Kravtov, although nothing is official yet.

According to his twitter account, it seems like Butler already knows he’s going to get traded, but it seems like the specifics of the deal between the two teams haven’t been agreed upon yet. The Bucks don’t have enough cap space to absorb all of Butler’s $8 million next season, his final on his current deal, which is why they’ll probably use either Ish Smith ($951,463) or the expiring deal of Kravotv (worth $1.5 million) in order to fit Butler’s deal in.

Caron Butler

The Bucks have been looking to improve their small forward situation, even though they have added Carlos Delfino from the Houston Rockets not too long ago. It still leaves them quite limited at the position with Delfino, Khris Middleton and Giannis Antetokounmpo, with the latter being a bit too young to contribute right now.

Butler has been a double-figure scoring player since his third season (2004-2005) in the league, and has spent the last couple of years with the Los Angeles Clippers. He’s been mostly healthy over the last couple of seasons with the team, averaging 10.4 points per game on 24.1 minutes a night, shooting 38.8% from beyond the arc.

He was part of a big three-team trade back in early July, traded along with Eric Bledsoe to the Phoenix Suns. The Milwaukee Bucks were also part of that complicated deal, sending Redick to the Clippers while getting future draft picks.

Butler grew up in Wisconsin (Racine) and played some high school basketball there before moving to Maine. It seems that he has been trying to push for his exit from the Suns and realizing some life-long dream of playing for the Bucks. Maybe he knew he has a better chance of making the playoffs next season in Milwaukee than with the rebuilding Suns.

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