NBA Rumors – San Antonio Spurs & Cleveland Cavaliers Might Sign Josh Childress

Josh Childress Nets

Teams are filling up their rosters heading into training camp, and that includes giving veterans that may have been forgotten a chance to workout for them and win themselves a spot. Josh Childress is one of the players that’s looking for a team that will still have him, and the San Antonio Spurs & Cleveland Cavaliers seem to be open to giving him a chance.

There’s not a lot of chance for Childress to make the training camp roster for the Cavs, as they’re going to workout over 40 players in the next couple of weeks, and giving Childress a chance out of due diligence, while their greater needs for backup players come at point guard and power forward, where they would like to have a third option to make use of.

With the Spurs, chances seem to be slightly brighter, as their main concern at the moment is improving their depth at Small Forward, with Kawhi Leonard not having too much quality behind him, even if he shouldn’t have a lot of problems playing extended minutes.

Childress hasn’t done much since returning to the NBA from his Greek experience, playing three seasons for the Suns and the Brooklyn Nets, playing a total of 102 games. Last season was somewhat of a wasted year, averaging only 1 point per game during his 14 games for the team. Things went slightly better with the Phoenix Suns, playing around 15 minutes a night, but not offering much besides athleticism and an easy-to-spot hairdo.

Childress’ main weakness point is that he barely presents himself as a reliable attacker of the rim anymore, getting to the line a total of four times over the last couple of seasons. He does well when shooting from beyond the arc, but he barely makes an attempt to create shots for himself anymore. This summer might be his last chance of remaining in the NBA, even if he is only 30.

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