NBA Rumors – Andrew Bynum Waiting For Someone to Sign Him

Andrew Bynum

Big men usually get snapped up quite quickly regardless of talent, which means Andrew Bynum won’t be a free agent for much longer. However, despite being the biggest name currently available, the interest in him isn’t as frantic as one would expect.

Bynum became something of an unwanted presence on his last three teams – The Los Angeles Lakers who traded him to Philadelphia; the 76ers who didn’t even think about trying to re-sign him after watching him draw attention for a whole year while sitting on the floor in street clothes; and the Cleveland Cavaliers, who realized pretty quickly he wasn’t going to be the player that they thought he’d be.

So now Bynum is trying to both find himself a team that’s contending for an NBA title, but also trying to fix up his reputation as something of a locker room disturbance; of being lazy, and easily distracted.

Why? Because the three best shots at winning the NBA title are the Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder and San Antonio Spurs. All of them could make good use of Bynum, but all three are very careful in who they add, and aren’t just about bringing in people who can put up numbers. Personality, and how they fit in the system is just as important, which means Bynum has less of a chance to end up with one of these three, unless they’re really desperate.

Other options? The Los Angeles Clippers, who don’t really have a solid replacement to DeAndre Jordan, seem like a decent destination. They’re not too far from challenging for the top spot in the West, and maybe adding a center that averaged 15.1 points and 9.5 rebounds per 36 minutes is what will help them bridge that gap. The Dallas Mavericks, not too happy with their duo at center (Dalembert and Blair) are probably also going to make a move for Bynum, who fits their no defense approach this season.

It’s hard to think of a team that wouldn’t like him to be on their roster, or at least his offensive ability. The Atlanta Hawks are missing Al Horford, and although they won’t have a problem making the playoffs in the weak East, Bynum suddenly gives them a shot of being more than first round fodder. The same goes for the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets, desperately trying to make their way back into playoff contention.

The Golden State Warriors are on the lookout for new players (mostly a point guard to backup Stephen Curry), but like the other “big” teams, despite the obvious use they could make with Bynum, something about him just doesn’t fit what they’ve been building there for the last three years.

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