NBA Rumors – Boston Celtics & Rajon Rondo Still Not Over

Rajon Rondo

In the blandness of the long NBA summer, the next step for Rajon Rondo and the Boston Celtics seems like huge drama. Despite the rumors suggesting the point guard wants out and now, both he and his agent are refuting these claims, suggesting he has no plans of playing for anyone else next season.

Voices in Boston suggest Rondo has had enough of playing on a team that right now doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. However, BDA spokeswoman Alyson Furch told the Boston Herald that Neither (agent) Bill Duffy nor Rajon know where this has come from, but it didn’t come from them. They want this on the record. Neither has spoken to anyone about this.

Until Rondo signs a new contract and the Celtics find themselves moving upwards instead of to the bottom of the NBA, these rumors won’t go away. They’ve been mentioned for the last couple of years, with reasons as to why the Celtics should or shouldn’t pull the trigger on the deal. As far as we know, the only real offer to ever emerge was that from the Sacramento Kings this summer and one from the Detroit Pistons last season.

Some think that this is just one big ESPN conspiracy to push some news, and has been right from the start. The business of rumors isn’t difficult: You analyze a certain situation, look at the length of contracts and team needs and put two and two together. Rondo has one more year on his deal, a personality that many refer to as arrogant, uncomfortable or diva-like, and the Celtics have been in a downward spiral for the last couple of seasons. It adds up, it makes sense, but it might not be even real.

So what is a fact? That the Celtics have at least one more season rebuilding and from the way their roster is built and the free agent market is shaping up to be, it’s going to take even longer than initially thought. Rajon Rondo has one more year on a deal worth $12 million, and if he doesn’t extend it, he’s hitting unrestricted free agency in 2015.

So is there something the Celtics should do? It depends on how you view Rondo: As one of the best point guards in the NBA and a building block for any franchise, or just someone riding to coattails of bigger stars while they were still in Boston.

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