NBA Rumors – Charlotte Bobcats Might Put Patrick Ewing Working Under Michael Jordan

The new Charlotte Bobcats head coach? Steve Clifford, who spent last season as an assistant with the Los Angeles Lakers. His arrival might bring in a former NBA legend to work under someone who was one of his biggest rivals during their playing days, even back in college, as Michael Jordan, the team’s owner, might get to hire Patrick Ewing as one of Clifford’s assistants.

Ewing spent five seasons as an assistant with the Orlando Magic, but the turnover in management and the coaching staff, partially caused by Dwight Howard simply being who he is, put Ewing out of a coaching job last season, letting him focus on other endeavors.

Jordan, Ewing

But Ewing, mostly known for his work with big men and especially Howard since putting on a suit and becoming a part of a coaching staff, is eager to move up in the coaching world and keep on working in the NBA. He has been praised at time, especially on his defensive work with Howard, but D-12’s lack of a sufficient post-game might also tell us that Ewing hasn’t been able to get everything he knew across to some of his players.

Michael Jordan and Ewing played against each other in the postseason five times during their NBA career, all of the meetings going in Jordan’s way. The two are rumored to be close friends, or at least were at some point in time.

Jordan’s Bobcats were no longer the worst team in the NBA last season, winning 21 games, letting Orlando (20-66) take that dubious “honor” away from them. Since taking over as owner (a minority owner at first, and gaining a majority in 2010), the Bobcats have been to the playoffs only once (2009-2010 season), and have declined since then in an alarming rate, with many blaming Jordan for either making the wrong decision each and every time or simply not caring enough to put the right people in charge.