NBA Rumors – Cleveland Cavaliers & Brooklyn Nets Interested in Jason Terry & Jarrett Jack Trade

Jason Terry, Jarrett Jack

Sometimes trades, even at this stage of the season, aren’t about getting better, but actually saving money. The Cleveland Cavaliers aren’t too happy with Jarrett Jack, but he might work out better on the Brooklyn Nets. Jason Terry seems to be a part of this trade to, but probably only if a third team is involved.

The Cavs, currently out of the playoff picture, are disappointing with Jack’s ability. He signed a four year, $25 million deal after a great season with the Warriors. So far, he hasn’t been the backup point guard they expected him to be, averaging 8.5 points and 3.7 assists while shooting only 39.7% from the field.

Jason Terry was traded to the Nets from the Boston Celtics, and on a team filled with veteran leadership, his 4.5 points in 16.3 minutes a night don’t seem all that necessary, especially for the $5.6 million he’s getting, not to mention owed another $5.8 million next season.

Both Jack and Terry can do better, and might be simply in a bad situation for themselves. The Nets wouldn’t mind having Jack on board instead of Terry, likely having more use for him in their current setup. However, the Cavs don’t really want Terry as part of their team, and are going to try and find a third team involved in order to move Terry out of there as quickly as possible, not really wanting that extra year on his deal.

The Cavs are more anxious to make this deal happen, obviously. While Terry might be a bit more useful for them in an attempt to space the floor and maybe bring in some championship experience, they’re more worried about Jack’s long term contract, falling for the mistake of overpaying a guy who played lights out on a contract year for the Warriors. Terry getting that Brooklyn tattoo in the summer might have been a reach on his part as well.

There aren’t any bid deals happening at the moment with the trade deadline approaching, and while this involves two veterans and potentially might be the biggest deal still in line to happen, it’ll be surprising to see it go through just because no third team would want to pay Terry over $5 million a season.

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