NBA Rumors – Cleveland Cavaliers Dreaming of Trading Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love

Andrew Wiggins

The Cleveland Cavaliers are trying to do everything they can to sign LeBron James, so maybe there’s some truth to the rumor of an attempt to initiate a trade with the Minnesota Timberwolves that includes sending Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love among other moving parts.

Maybe this is just creative thinking. Or maybe there’s something to it. A tweet by Tony Rizzo suggests the Cavaliers have an offer for the Minnesota Timberwolves regarding Kevin Love. What does it include? No one knows. It might just a case of some fantasy writing, although without magic and dragons like a true high-fantasy epic should have.

Does it makes sense? In terms of salary, it takes more than just Wiggins, who’ll make around $5.5 million next season as a number one overall rookie. Kevin Love makes $15 million next season, while the Cavs are also planning on signing LeBron James to a max salary. Right now they’re at $51 million including Wiggins’ salary. It’ll take more players to join this deal, some they weren’t planning on moving (Varejao? Thompson?) to make it work, and clear cap space to make it a trio of James, Kevin Love and Irving.

But the biggest problem in this whole offer are the Timberwolves. As badly as they’ve been run over the years by the ownership, trading Love for an unproven rookie like Wiggins doesn’t make sense. It might give them some hope for the future, but it puts them once again with a player who isn’t too happy about playing for them, and for now being weaker. The Timberwolves want to make the playoffs. They’ve added pieces like Kevin Martin, Nikola Pekovic and Corey Brewer to make the postseason, not rebuild towards an unknown goal.

Flip Saunders doens’t want to trade Kevin Love until he’s desperate. Maybe he’s actually looking for better offers from the Golden State Warriors or maybe even the Boston Celtics. Maybe he’s simply hanging on to the fact that Love might change his mind if the season starts out well for them. They can always trade him during the season. Giving up on him before even trying when the offers aren’t to their liking doesn’t make much sense.

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