NBA Rumors – Cleveland Cavaliers Not Giving up on Kevin Love Trade

Kevin Love with Irving and James

It’s hard to see a scenario in which the Minnesota Timberwolves actually agree to trade Kevin Love to somewhere, including the Cleveland Cavaliers, who have some interesting assets to offer, but Andrew Wiggins is not one of them, which is the reason that right now this deal isn’t happening.

The Cleveland Cavaliers want Kevin Love, but don’t want to trade Andrew Wiggins for him. The Minnesota Timberwolves don’t want to trade Kevin Love but know they might have to. Still, they’re not willing to accept a trade from the Cavs that doesn’t include the number one overall pick from the most recent draft. The Cavs have already said to Wiggins they weren’t going to include him in any trade.

Love wants out. He is willing to sign a new deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers (his contract expires at the end of this season), and obviously the arrival of LeBron James, making it a chance to have a big three or big four in Cleveland makes it all that lucrative. The Cavs haven’t really been successful since James left, and didn’t seem to pose a serious challenger for Kevin Love until LeBron James announced he’ll be signing with them.

What are the Cavs willing to offer? Dion Waiters, Anthony Bennett and a first round draft pick. Not nearly enough, most would agree, especially after Bennett had a disastrous rookie campaign, in which he looked like a D-League player for the first half of the season. Things did get better later on, but he’s clearly not a prospect anyone would like to trade for, especially when it means losing one of the best and most productive players in the NBA.

In order to get Kevin Love, the Cavs might need to try and work things out with a third team. They’re not too happy about trading Anderson Varejao and Tristan Thompson, but if they can lose on of them and get Love for it, we might start seeing them change their mind about what and who they’re willing to trade for Kevin Love.

At this point, it’s hard to believe the Cavs are thinking how would Love fit with James and Irving and Wiggins, or what kind of defense this team will be when Irving and Love are both on the floor. A famous line says ‘When you wanna shoot, shoot, don’t talk.’ The Cavs aren’t thinking about how all of this fits. They’ll figure it out after they land another big name, although signing LeBron James makes it a little less desperate to add someone, even if it’s Kevin Love.

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