NBA Rumors – Dallas Mavericks Hoping There’s Something Left in Deron Williams

Deron Williams

The Dallas Mavericks didn’t have a very good offseason, but adding Deron Williams (finally) to upgrade their point guard position is something they’re quite happy with.

The Mavericks have been after Williams for quite some time. The D-Will they’ve signed is no longer one of the best point guards in the league. He has gone through a rather quick decline due to injuries, averaging 13 points and 6.6 assists per game last season, although he does have his special moments, like the 35 points he dropped on the Hawks in the postseason as the Brooklyn Nets managed to make it an interesting series before getting knocked out.

But maybe leaving the stagnation of the Nets will spark something in Williams, who’ll probably be happy to play for a team with a bit of a more up tempo style and players that can make him look better as well, as a passer and a shooter.

Just getting started, man. A fresh start is what I’m most excited about. You know, playing with this group of guys, I feel like we have a great group of guys here, and so I’m looking forward to just getting everybody healthy and getting on the court with them.

The Mavericks are gambling a lot on players with question marks around them. Williams has missed a total of 32 games over the last two seasons and might not be suited for 30 minutes a night anymore if playing him an entire season is the goal. Wesley Matthews is coming off an Achilles tendon tear. That’s a risky player to put so much money on, and have such big expectations from.

The Mavericks are a borderline playoff team from the looks of things, but not all is dark and pessimistic in Dallas. Williams being healthy is going to be a big part of whether next season is considered a success or not, although Williams being good and consistent as well is a welcome bonus.

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