NBA Rumors – DeShawn Stevenson Wants LeBron James to Be his Teammate

Deshawn stevenson, Lebron james

Being recently waived by the Atlanta Hawks, DeShawn Stevenson is one of the veteran free agents who hasn’t been getting a lot of interest so far this offseason, but he may be raising it himself by declaring that he wants to play for the Miami Heat next season, and especially next to LeBron James.

For those who don’t remember, there was something of a mini-rivalry between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Miami Heat in the mid 00’s, with the Wizards losing to the Cavs in the postseason three years in a row, with Stevenson being involved in two of those exits.

At the time, he was one of those trying to get into James’ head, probably the only way for the Wizards other than beating up on the future MVP and NBA champion to actually give themselves a chance. There was a very silly feud between the two  that became something of an off-court thing and even caused some rap involvement featuring Jay-Z and Soulja Boy.

But Stevenson, who was actually a minor part in the Mavs’ NBA championship in 2011 with a few big three pointers in the final, is desperate to land a job. He had two more years on his contract for around $5 million, but most of it wasn’t guaranteed, and the Atlanta Hawks, getting only 5.1 points per game from Stevenson, waived him at the beginning of August.

Now Stevenson is tweeting he wants to play for the Miami Heat, asking LeBron James to make it happen. Maybe it’s about being funny, but when your job is on the line, I’m pretty sure Stevenson, once one of the biggest “LeBron-haters” in the league before it actually became a national trend, is willing to play next to anyone in order to prolong his career.

Stevenson has mostly been used off the bench for some outside shooting and defense for the past six seasons. He hasn’t scored in double digits since time with the Wizards in 2007-2008, averaging 11.2 points per game.

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