NBA Rumors – Detroit Pistons Still Trying to Trade for Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo, Brandon Jennings

Despite already getting the point guard they wanted, more or less, the Detroit Pistons haven’t given up on their dream of adding Rajon Rondo, still trying to look for a way to trade with the Boston Celtics for the player.

While Jennings is a better and more talented scorer, few would actually place him above Rondo when it comes to overall skill. The Boston Celtics don’t want to trade him, or at least that is what they keep telling everybody. Most of the league, or at least the part that’s interested in Rondo, who has two more years with $25 million left on his deal, believe the Celtics would be willing to trade him for the right price.

It seems like a case of people trying to convince the Celtics that they do want to get rid of a player even though they really don’t. Last season there was the usual ESPN conspiracy cries, with Celtics fans claiming that the network is pushing for the trade to generate interest, and because there’s an actual interest from any team.

The question regarding Rondo is how he comes back from his torn ACL, which made him miss half a season and the playoffs. If he shows no signs of regression from it, the offers will keep on coming to the Celtics, due to the fact that they’re in tanking mode, even if they won’t admit it.

The groundwork theory is based on Rondo’s personality, or the one that seems to “shine” through the media. Icy? Arrogant? In any case, it’s not too complementing, and it wouldn’t surprise many people if he isn’t exactly accepted as the new leader in the locker room by some of the younger players, not to mention the veterans. While teams don’t want him as their best player, downgrade his standing a bit into “a key piece in the puzzle” and suddenly he’s an excellent player, with an excellent value to his deal.

Maybe Brandon Jennings is actually going to be the trading chip the Pistons use in order to persuade the Celtics to give up on Rondo, which would require Detroit giving up another piece worth around $4 million. This offseason? It isn’t likely to happen, but the moment preseason begins and the actual season kicks off, we might get a better idea of how interested everybody are in Rajon Rondo.