NBA Rumors – Golden State Warriors Giving up on Steve Kerr

Steve Kerr

Somehow, with no head coaching experience, Steve Kerr seems to be the hottest name among teams without an NBA head coach right now. The Golden State Warriors would like to sign him, but considering how deep he is in talks with the New York Knicks, it might be better for them to try and sign someone else.

Kerr worked as a general manager for the Suns and since then has been an analyst on television. However, his views on basketball seem to click with a lot of people. His connections to quite a lot of decisions makers seem to be important as well, keeping him in discussion for quite a few teams around the league, but none more than the New York Knicks.

So the Warriors, letting go of Mark Jackson after two seasons in the playoffs and winning 51 games this season, are probably going to have to look for someone else. Is is Stan Van Gundy? He seems like a favorite right now, but Mike D’Antoni has also been mentioned as a candidate, unlikely as it may seem.

Stan van Gundy

Kerr has connections with the Warriors brass so it helps him get leverage in terms of money and/or control over certain decisions, if Phil Jackson is willing to let go of any, in his negotiations with the New York Knicks. The Utah Jazz are also interested in Kerr, but right now they seem like a distant third for a player who spent time under both Jackson and Gregg Popovich.

Stan Van Gundy who grew up in the Bay Area and has never had a sub .500 regular season in his NBA coaching career with both the Miami Heat and the Orlando Magic seems to be the top name following Kerr. He might be a bit stubborn and is known to be more of a defensive minded head coach, but the Warriors wouldn’t mind that, not to mention someone who doesn’t have ego and arrogance problems as big as the ones it seemed Jackson was carrying with him.

Mike D’Antoni, following two seasons that didn’t really help his resume, is also a name worth considering. His reputation took a hit in New York with the Knicks and a few more dents in Los Angeles with the Lakers, but his style might fit the Warriors perfectly. They have better defenders in Bogut (if he stays), Iguodala and Green than he usually has, and if someone forces him to take defensive specialists as assistants it might not be such a bad idea. Still, he is going to be taken seriously only if Kerr and Van Gundy are off the table, which isn’t new for D’Antoni.

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