NBA Rumors – Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Clippers & Chicago Bulls Trying to Sign Ben Gordon

Ben Gordon

The last in the series of big-name buyouts we’re having at this stage of the NBA season is Ben Gordon, likely to find himself looking for a new team once he strikes a deal with the Charlotte Bobcats. The Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Clippers and the Chicago Bulls can’t wait for an opportunity to try and sign him.

Gordon has been a complete non factor this season for the Bobcats, averaging 5.2 points per game on 14.7 minutes a night, making him probably the worst contract in the league, making $13.2 million in the final season of his deal.

According to RealGM Wiretap, the three teams interested in him are willing to offer a two-year deal with a team option for the 2014-2015 season. However, sources close to Gordon are hinting that Gordon doesn’t want anything limiting his free agency status, which means only a veteran’s minimum contract until the end of this season.

Teams can’t have enough shooters, especially the three aforementioned ball clubs. The Bulls are a bad three-point shooting team, but that also has to do with their offensive style and lack of a player who can create his own shot most of the time. The Clippers might be getting Danny Granger once he clears waivers which will make the Gordon issue irrelevant, but the Rockets will probably be strong in the hunt.

The Rockets make for an interesting case – a team that’s extremely focused on shooting 3’s, but not that good at it for various reasons. They have one true shooting guard in James Harden who actually plays like a point guard, and two point guards in Patrick Beverley and Jeremy Lin either used too much (Beverley) or not enough (Lin) and in any case, playing out of position. Getting Gordon, who is a career 40% shooter from beyond the arc, might help them solve their struggles from 3 this season, taking them a bit closer towards that NBA championship they think they can reach.

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