NBA Rumors – Los Angeles Clippers Close to Signing Antawn Jamison

Antawn Jamison 2013

It seems that Antawn Jamison isn’t planning on moving very far from where he played last season (Los Angeles Lakers), very close to signing a deal with the Los Angeles Clippers.

The Clippers keep busy in free agency by adding more and more pieces to their bench, and Jamison, 37, will provide some more scoring power with a bit of size off the bench. While not the only team chasing him, according to Brett Poirier the Clippers seem to be the closest team to giving Jamison a role he’s happy with, not to mention playing for a team that seems to be gearing up for a Western contention.

Jamison wasn’t happy with how things turned out in LA last season playing for the Lakers. Instead of being on a Championship caliber team, he ended up on a team with plenty of social problems that barely made the playoffs, not to mention playing in a system he (As well) wasn’t too fond of. He averaged 9.4 points per game, playing as a full-time reserve for the second time in his career.

Jamison is no longer one of the more consistent scorers in the NBA, like he was for more than a decade playing for the Warriors, Wizards, Mavs and Cavaliers. There isn’t too much defense he puts on, but the Clippers have been concerned about spacing and stretching the floor, including with their bench unit, and the potential arrival of Jamison gives them yet another player who is very dangerous to leave open (36.1% from three last season).

This gives both Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, according to plans, a lot more room to operate in the paint, and if not, they seem to have a lot more weapons on their side to make teams pay for crowding the paint and taking their chances on three pointers falling.

The two teams are discussing giving Jamison, a 15-year NBA veteran, the one-year deal with a veteran’s minimum salary.

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