NBA Rumors – Miami Heat Might Use the Amnesty Clause on Mike Miller or Even Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade, Mike Miller

The Miami Heat have until July 16 to use the Amnesty Clause heading into the next season, and there’s a chance they’ll choose to use it on Mike Miller and the two years he has left on his contract, although if they pass that up, there’s a small chance they might use it in the future on Dwyane Wade.

But Miller, right now, is the first option. It doesn’t matter that Miller has come up with some big shots over the last two postseason. Making $12.8 million in the next two seasons, Miller has played in only 59 games last season and keeps considering retirement because of his back, and couldn’t average more than 13.6 minutes a game in the postseason.

When at his best, Miller isn’t just an excellent shooter who is likely to knock down most shots he gets when he’s open, but also an excellent rebounder and decent defender when it’s not Tony Parker he has to guard.

But the Heat are clogged when it comes to the salary cap, and have paid a total of $19 million in tax, including $13.3 million this past championship season, since the beginning of the big three era. Because of the enhanced tax and penalties for repeat offenders, using the clause on Miller will save them nearly $17 million in taxes and knock their projected bill down to roughly $16.9 million.

But they’re also monitoring the Dwyane Wade situation closely. Wade makes$19 million next season, and has the option to opt out of his contract in 2014 and 2015, which is something he isn’t likely to do considering he’ll be making $41 million in the two follow-up seasons.

But with his knee situation not getting any better and his production on offense not a guaranteed thing as in the past, just considering trying to save that money on a player who has won three NBA titles with the franchise is something the Heat should do.

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