NBA Rumors – Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs & Chicago Bulls Interested in Signing Ryan Hollins

Ryan Hollins

At this stage, with NBA training camps right around the corner, it’s about filling small holes in the roster. No one expects something special from Ryan Hollins – just some solid minutes as a backup center from time to time, which is enough to generate interest among the San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat, Sacramento Kings and the Chicago Bulls.

At the moment Hollins, entering his ninth NBA season (if he does get picked up), is closest to the Miami Heat who have held meetings with the center and are planning to make him their third on the depth chart for the position, probably behind Chris Bosh and Chris Andersen.

Hollins, 29, is waiting for other offers to come along as well. It’s unlikely that anyone will be offering him anything more than a veteran’s minimum for one year, but there’s nothing wrong with hoping for more.

The Spurs might be the least likely of options. They have a full 15-man roster and they have around 17 players they want to sign, making it a problem for them to chuck someone out of the roster. Still, Hollins, who has played for the Clippers over the last two seasons and doing decently enough under the basket on both ends of the floor, might find his way into the final roster.

The Chicago Bulls are actually quite heavy and deep in the paint with Joakim Noah, Pau Gasol, Taj Gibson and Mirotic, but might want to add another big man, being no strangers to injuries that come out of nowhere.

The Sacramento Kings aren’t a team with the same kind of aspirations as the previous three, but they have open spots on their roster, and there are worse ways to fill them with than adding Hollins to the team.

Hollins doesn’t do much but protect the rim (he’s a good shot blocker) and provide the highlight dunk from time to time. Still, size is enough in today’s NBA to find you a spot on a team most of the time.

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