NBA Rumors – Milwaukee Bucks Promise Jabari Parker They’ll Draft Him

Jabari Parker

The big names of free agency seem to be stealing the thunder from the NBA draft. However, players like Jabari Parker are going to be the focus of draft night, although it look like the Milwaukee Bucks have made up their minds about their selection (second overall), which means Parker had no motivation to work out for other teams.

Arguably the most NBA ready of all the draft prospects and someone who has a real shot of becoming the number one overall pick, Jabari Parker has refused to work out for three teams in the top 5: The Philadelphia 76ers, Orlando Magic and Utah Jazz. He did work out for the Cavs who have the first overall selection, but getting the promise from the Bucks that they’ll use their pick on him if he falls to second has made him refuse to show his stuff to other lottery teams.

Parker didn’t enter the 2013-2014 CBB season as the number one player on everyone’s ‘to watch’ list but came out of it with plenty of admirers. He is a bad defender and doesn’t have the kind of athleticism with a wow factor, but his offense is the most polished and versatile compared to Wiggins and others, averaging 19.1 points per game for Duke during his Freshman season, not managing to lead them to some tournament or regular season success.

The Cleveland Cavaliers seem to be in something of a bind: The one player they really wanted, Joel Embiid, is injured and out for at least four months, which means he’ll miss the beginning of next season if not more. There’s also the option of shutting him down like the Sixers did with Nerlens Noel. So the Cavs are considering three things: Taking Embiid with the number one pick, trading down to 3 or 5 and take him there or simply going with Andrew Wiggins.

The Bucks? There’s not one actual need for the Bucks. They’re bad or looking for improvement in every aspect possible, so it doesn’t really matter to them. They have Parker on the top of their shortlist and unlike the other teams in the top 5, they seem determined to stay were they are in the order, which means the tweener coming out of Chicago who might have some struggles early on in defining what he is exactly will be going to the Milwaukee Bucks.

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