NBA Rumors – New Orleans Pelicans, Philadelphia 76ers & Sacramento Kings Interested in Signing Josh Childress

Josh Childress

Despite a few terrible seasons since returning to the NBA, Josh Childress still has some demand around the league, with the New Orleans Pelicans showing the strongest interest in him by working him out, but he’s also getting some looks from the Sacramento Kings and the Philadelphia 76ers.

For now, Childress is working out for the Pelicans, where he doesn’t have much of a chance to get too many minutes, and obviously not a place as a starter, with Eric Gordon and Tyreke Evans obviously occupying the starting spots at shooting guard and small forward.

He averaged only 1 points per game in 14 games for the Brooklyn Nets last season, shooting only 28.6% from the field and even worse; despite being considered an excellent athlete (still), he can’t seem to get to the line, taking only four free throws over his last two seasons in the NBA, which are summed up in a total of 48 games.

Childress is no longer the player he was for the Hawks before accepting a huge contract from Olympiacos in Greece. He averaged in double figures for the Hawks during his first four seasons in the league, usually coming off the bench, but things haven’t been going well for him since his return from Europe.

Back to the Pelicans, who also have Anthony Morow and Austin Rivers coming off the bench on the wings. Childress, if he’ll be signed, will have to take a minimum deal (compared to a $32 million for five years he signed with the Suns when returning to the league) and find himself as one of the last guys on the bench, who probably doesn’t even play on some nights.

While things might go better for him if he signs for the Kings or the 76ers, or at least finding himself in a bigger role, it’s hard to imagine anyone giving him too many minutes in the time he has left in the NBA.

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