NBA Rumors – New York Knicks Interested in Signing Jannero Pargo

Jannero Pargo

As the New York Knicks continue their search for another point guard, the next name to come up on their shortlist is that of Jannero Pargo, who played with three NBA teams last season.

The 33-year old point guard who has been in the NBA (excluding a season in Europe) since 2002 played for the Washington Wizards (cutting him to make room for Shaun Livingston), the Atlanta Hawks (needing him only while they were having an injury crisis) and the Charlotte Bobcats, ending the seasons with them.

He averaged 6.5 points and 2.1 assists per game with all three teams combined, but hasn’t been getting a lot of interest around the league, as it seems the need for aging and not too consistent offensive players like himself, without any real specialty to offer, isn’t that big these days.

This is just something the Knicks are keeping tabs on. Both Beno Udrih and Delonte West would make better options. Udrih is more versatile than Pargo, and simply a better point guard, not to mention the ability to play as a shooting guard if necessary as well. In short Рa better player.

West is a gamble. He’s a much better scorer than Udrih, but his inner demons and Bi-Polar disorder make him a volatile option to pick up on a team that might not have the strongest of locker rooms already. In terms of talent, both of them would make better options than Pargo, but Udrih might be tempted by a big money offer from Europe, and should see more interest coming his way from around the league anyway.

Pargo, as a guy to put at the end of the bench, is fine. He is a good locker room presence and can knock down open three-pointers (33.6% from beyond the arc last season), but his best basketball happened six years ago, averaging 9.2 points per game for the Hornets in their Oklahoma City season.

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