NBA Rumors – Phoenix Suns Will Trade Marcin Gortat This Season

Marcin Gortat

When going through a rebuilding process, teams don’t want unhappy, old and expensive players on the team. Marcin Gortat is the wrong fit in the next step for the Phoenix Suns, which will surely get him traded by the end of the 2013-2014 NBA Season.

The Polish center has been quite vocal about being unhappy on the Suns, who aren’t going nowhere this season, just like the last. Gortat himself averaged only 11.1 points per game last season, suffering greatly from the departure of Steve Nash, but maybe his ambition to put in the effort and justify the $7 million he’s making each season wasn’t in the right place as well.

Turning 30 in February and making $7.7 million next season just before his contract expires, Gortat is the perfect example for a player very likely to be traded, and as ESPN put it, he might be the the single player most likely to be traded in the entire NBA.

When he’s happy and healthy (missed 21 games last season), Gortat is a very productive center, at least offensively. He averaged 15.4 points per game in the shortened season, along with 10 rebounds. His defense isn’t exactly something that will earn him All-Defensive selections, but there are worst big men to have protecting the rim.

Alex Len was chosen by the Suns to be their big man of the future, and having Gortat on the team might only interfere with his development. The Suns won’t be tanking, but they aren’t expecting to win too many games next season, being one of the many teams looking to enjoy a high pick in what is predicted as the most loaded draft in a very long time.

Gortat is good enough to start for quite a few teams, and once the trade deadline arrives, it’s more than likely that either for money purposes or simply for being a guy who can bring a big extra something to a playoff, Gortat will be traded, with the Suns hoping it means another first round draft pick for them to enjoy.

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