NBA Rumors – Sacramento Kings Trying to Trade for Deron Williams of the Brooklyn Nets

Deron Williams

The Sacramento Kings are in trade talks with the Brooklyn Nets with Deron Williams being the main subject of the debate, although it’s hard to see what is there to gain exactly by acquiring an overpaid, declining, injury-carrying point guard.

In return, it seems the Kings will be sending Darren Collison, Jason Thompson and Derrick Williams to match the cap number. While Thompson and Williams are overpaid, disappointing players, Collison is younger and just as productive as Williams, which makes it a bit difficult to understand the reasoning behind this proposed trade.

After failing to land Rajon Rondo, something they’ve been trying to do for almost two years, the Sacramento Kings haven’t grown tired of trying to add a point guard that will upgrade them, something they didn’t feel Isaiah Thomas could do, and feel the same way about Darren Collison, who is almost identical to Williams’ production, only is a lot cheaper and is three years younger, not to mention without the injury problems

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand the thought process guiding the Kings. They made a great deal by making Mike Malone their head coach who after a frustrating first year seemed to be making grounds with his talented team on both ends of the floor. The injury of DeMarcus Cousins sent the team on an expected losing run, but no one expected it to cost the head coach his job after only 14 months in the position.

The Nets are willing to take on deals in order to get rid of Williams and other bad contracts. They are 10-15 this season, only 6-13 since mid-November and an awful 1-10 against teams with a record of .500 or better. Williams is averaging 15.6 points and 6.8 assists per game but shooting just 40.3% from the field (lowest of his career), and just 37.1% over the last five weeks. Collison might not have Williams’ pedirgree, but is averaging 15.6 points with 6.1 assists, shooting 43.4% from the field. He costs $15 million through the 2016-2017 season including this year.

Williams is on a very different pay scale: He’s making $19.7 million this season, $21.07 million in the next one and has an early termination on the final year of his contract worth $22.3 million. It’s hard to believe he’ll actually give up on that money considering the trajectory of his career.

The Nets are open to discussions, and aren’t the one holding back the deal. They’d love to hear offers about Joe Johnson ($24.8 million next season), Jarrett Jack ($12.6 million over the next two seasons) and even Kevin Garnett, although his deal expires at the end of this season, so there’s no real rush, knowing they probably aren’t going to make the playoffs with this roster. The Kings? Making the playoffs this season is still on the table. There’s a very bright future ahead of them. Adding Williams seems to set them back, even if it does mean getting rid of Jason Thompson and Derrick Williams who aren’t really delivering production they’re expected to.

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