NBA Rumors – Sacramento Kings Trying to Trade Jimmer Fredette

Jimmer Fredette

Even though Jimmer Fredette thinks he has a future in the NBA as a point guard, the Sacramento seem to think otherwise, and with him falling rather low in the rotation when it comes to both guard positions, there’s a very good chance he’ll be traded to somewhere he might become more useful in very soon.

Fredette is an excellent three point shooter, and… well, that’s it. He hits 41.7% of his three point shots and has improved his shot selection and overall field goal percentage, improving to a bit more respectable 42.1% from the field. And that’s about it.

Players with only one thing to offer don’t usually last very long in the NBA unless they’re cheap or they simply do that at a very high level. Think of Kyle Korver or J.J. Redick, who can’t create shots for themselves and are a defensive liability, but they’re simply consistent enough in their shooting and excel when it comes to hitting open shots they always plenty of demand around the NBA.

Things are different for Fredette, as he he might be the third of fortuh best point guard on the Kings’ roster with Greivis Vasquez, Isiah Thomas and possibly Ray Macollum in front of him, while at shooting guard things aren’t much better with Ben McLemore, Marcus Thornton and the terrible John Salmons preferred over him.

The Kings aren’t actually trying to shop him, but they’re open to offers, which is actually trying to trade him, only in a different way. Fredette has a chance to be more than just a catch-and-shoot players, taking most of his shots last season¬†as the ball handler in the pick-and-roll, hitting 46.4% of his shots, but that’s because he’s extremely talented at hitting baskets without a lot of balance, but there are plenty of players who do it much better than him in the league. His future is a catch-and-shoot kind of guy for the time being, and his next contract (as there’s a good chance he’ll be cut after this season) will be the one that tells us how long his future in the NBA is going to be.

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