NBA Rumors – San Antonio Spurs Interested in Signing Michael Beasley

Michael Beasley

It seems like the interest in Michael Beasley is picking up steam, with the San Antonio Spurs the next team to be mentioned in regards to the small forward who last played for the Miami Heat, and has been working out for the NBA champions.

Obviously, the Spurs aren’t alone in showing an interest in Beasley. The Los Angeles Lakers have given him a few work outs and the Chicago Bulls are rumored to be interested in him as well.  Despite the relative silence regarding suitors this offseason, Beasley will pick up enough attention as we get closer to training camp and the start of the 2014-15 season.

Adrian Wojnarowski reported Beasley’s visit to the Spurs’ training facilities. He’s probably the best at breaking stories when it comes to the NBA, but things get a little bit weird when he makes it a mission to let everyone know what he actually thinks about certain individuals in basketball, like Coach K recently or a bit deeper in the past, LeBron James. 

Beasley joining the Spurs, if it does happen, means clearing a roster spot for him. The most likely candidate to go somewhere else is Aron Baynes who is an unrestricted free agent, not getting a lot of love from the Spurs or other NBA teams. Beasley doesn’t fill the same position as Baynes, but when it comes to the 14th or 15th player on a roster, way out on the edge of the bench, it’s more about being able to contribute and not minding being a garbage time player.

In terms of ability, Beasley isn’t that kind of guy. He had a strong two-month start to his second Heat stint but suddenly disappeared from the rotation. He still finished with 16.8 PER, averaging 7.9 points in 15.1 minutes a night. Beasley has been in the NBA since 2008, but he’s still very young and very capable of scoring without a lot of help, as he has shown whenever the chance was given to him.

Something didn’t work between him and the Heat last season. Some say it’s Spoelstra’s fault. Others might suggest Beasley simply hasn’t grown up, hasn’t accepted responsibility. The Spurs have been known to make originally awkward looking additions work very well in the best system the NBA has to offer. Maybe Beasley will be the next to enjoy something of a turnaround, maybe even a career-saving season.

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