NBA Rumors – Washington Wizards on the Verge of Signing Al Harrington

Al Harrington Photo

After being contacted by quite a lot of teams since becoming a free agent, Al Harrington has found his team, and it seems that very soon it will be announced that the Washington Wizards have signed the veteran power forward.

Harrington chose the Wizards because they offered him playing time he feels he might not have gotten somewhere else, as he offers them a unique combination of size with the ability to stretch the floor, something none of their other big men can do, but also because of their potential, and their chances to make the postseason for the first time since 2008.

The overall projections for the Wizards seem to place them in the top 8 of the East, and probably a bit higher than that. Of course, a lot of it has to do with their health situation. John Wall played in 49 games last season. Bradley Beal in 56. Nene in only 61, and the list goes on. Harrington is a nice addition to the bench, hopefully closer to his form with the Nuggets from two years ago (14.2 points per game off the bench) than what he gave the Orlando Magic last year (5.1 points per game in only 10 games), but they need their starting players to remain healthy.

According to the Washington Post, Harrington feels like he’s making the right decision, and joining the right team.

I’m excited and I feel like this team is definitely going to make the playoffs. And I don’t care. I’ll go on record saying that. I feel like if this team is healthy, it will be one of the top eight teams in the East, for sure.

He won’t be getting a long-term deal like he would want, but that’s expected after his injury problems from last season. A successful year on the one-year contract for the 33 year old might mean an even better deal next season, with the Wizards or someone else.

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