NBA Scores & Standings

Eric Gordon

In a not-so-busy night of NBA action, the Cleveland Cavaliers sorta got their mojo back with a narrow win over the Orlando Magic, while the Philadelphia 76ers, led by Joel Embiid, impressed with a tough road win over the Eastern conference’s best, the Boston Celtics.

Philadelphia 76ers 89  Boston Celtics 80: On queue to celebrate his status as an All-Star, Joel Embiid put in a big performance in the Eastern Conference leaders home, finishing with 26 points, 16 rebounds and 6 assists, getting help from Dario Saric (16 points) and T.J. McConnell (15 off the bench). The Celtics played without Kyrie Irving, and shot just 24.1% from beyond the arc.

Orlando Magic 103  Cleveland Cavaliers 104: The losing streak is over, but it’s not certain that the Cavs are in a good mood yet. They dropped a 23 point lead and almost lost to one of the worst teams in the NBA. Isaiah Thomas had his best game since coming back from his long injury, scoring 21 points, including the crucial ones that won the game. LeBron James finished with 16 points, and is now only 25 away from reaching 30,000 career points. Elfrid Payton led the Magic with 19 points.

Minnesota Timberwolves 98  Houston Rockets 116: As the storm of the loss to the Clippers blew away, James Harden got back from injury and helped Houston to an easy win. Harden wasn’t very good – only 10 points on 3-for-15 from the field, but he had enough cover from Clint Capela (20 points) and Chris Paul (19 points, 9 assists), as well as Eric Gordon with a huge 30 off the bench. Jimmy Butler led Minnesota with 23 points.

Indiana Pacers 86  Portland Trail Blazer 100: 46 combined points from Collison and Oladipo weren’t enough to keep the Pacers running with the hot Blazers. Portland ran away with the game in the final quarter (26-12), despite awful shooting from pretty much everyone, hitting only 39.1% of their shots. Damian Lillard led them with 26 points; Jusuf Nurkic added 19.

Eastern Conference Standings

1Boston Celtics 3412.73946
2Toronto Raptors3013.6982.543
3Cleveland Cavaliers 2717.6146.044
4Miami Heat 2618.5917.044
5Washington Wizards2520.5568.545
6Indiana Pacers2421.5339.545
7Milwaukee Bucks2321.52310.044
8Detroit Pistons2221.51210.543
9Philadelphia 76ers2120.51210.541
10New York Knicks2025.44413.545
11Charlotte Hornets1825.41914.543
12Chicago Bulls1728.37816.545
13Brooklyn Nets1629.35617.545
14Atlanta Hawks1331.29520.044
15Orlando Magic1332.28920.545

Western Conference Standings

1Golden State Warriors 379.80446
2Houston Rockets 3112.7214.543
3San Antonio Spurs3016.6527.046
4Minnesota Timberwolves 2918.6178.547
5Oklahoma City Thunder2520.55611.545
6Portland Trail Blazers2421.53312.545
7New Orleans Pelicans2321.52313.044
8Los Angeles Clippers2321.52313.044
9Denver Nuggets2322.51113.545
10Utah Jazz1826.40918.044
11Phoenix Suns1629.35620.545
12Los Angeles Lakers1529.34121.044
13Memphis Grizzlies1528.34920.543
14Dallas Mavericks1530.33321.545
15Sacramento Kings1331.29523.044
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