NBA Superstars – The Game of Thrones Version

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It seems everything at the moment is about Game of Thrones returning to HBO for its third season, which a lot more fantasy violence and intrigue as an excuse for sexy scenes on TV. With the NBA trying to find some weight between that and the NCAA tournament, a little fan promotion, by making house banners of the league’s biggest superstars – LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose and a little lower down that scale, Kevin Garnett.

While there’s no argument about the first four players that we mentioned, even while Rose is about to miss an entire season of basketball due to the fear of not being completely prepared while making a return to a team that’s not going to get far anyway (maybe if he would have returned sooner that would have been different…), Kevin Garnett isn’t exactly one of the leading men in the league these days, despite his glorious past. His intensity is still quite a thing to behold on a good day, but age has caught up with him, and there’s only so much a NBA title from five years ago can do to sustain your reputation.

As with everything in the NBA on the social media that catches fire, and expansion is bound to happen.

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