Offseason Musings: What Color is the Best for the Jeremy Lin Brooklyn Nets T-Shirt


It’s the offseason, and on some parts of the Internet, this is called Sh**posting. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. But while browsing the Internet, I found it hard to decide what color works best with Jeremy Lin in Brooklyn Nets uniform, with the team logo in the background.

The T-shirt in question comes in 10 colors: Black, DeepHeather (basically gray), Forest Green, Natural (beige?), Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, White, and Yellow.

Now, one thing remains constant: Lin in a white Nets jersey, and the Nets logo, mostly in black, behind him, plastered on the center of the t-shirt, with the writing and basketball in white. So what works best?

This being the Nets, black is the most appropriate color, although it kinda blends in too much with the logo IMO.

Thinking about sports jerseys in this case as a nice way to color clash, the two best options in my opinion are the green t-shirt (I love black with green), but black works very well with red as well. My least favorite options are sky blue and yellow, although I simply have something with that color when it comes to clothing, so I may be mistaken when it comes to the popular opinion. The shirts are available on Amazon

And that’s about it. Hope I haven’t wasted too much of your time 🙂