Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Basketball Jersey is as Cool as the Show Was

One of the many talents of Will Smith is basketball, which he showed off while portraying Will on ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’, wearing that memorable, yellow #14 Bel-Air Academy Jersey.

Will knew he was good, so he didn’t pass to anyone (the coach told him to do it), pissing off Carlton and other teammates. He also had this nice one on one feud with a player from another school, but Will felt bad for the kid because he wasn’t living a privileged life, so he kinda gave up on the final play, feeling the other guy needed the attention and basketball success more than him.

Bel-Air Academy Jersey

Will Smith Bel-Air Jersey

But enough about the Fresh Prince’s character traits. We’re here for the awesome jersey, which might remind you of a Michigan Wolverines basketball outfit, but it’s all about a fictional private school in Los Angeles. The jersey is available on Amazon, in small, medium, large, X-large and XX-large sizes.

It has Smith on the back and Bel-Air Academy on the front, and it’s not actually yellow, but Golden, which doesn’t really make a difference for most people.

Who is it good for? Anyone who likes vintage of throwback jerseys just for the fashionable sense of it, and obviously for Fresh Prince fans, or someone who wants to have every possible item similar to what Will Smith wore during his successful time on TV.